Sales Analysis: A Poor Selling Short Story

In the last post I displayed the statistics for the first of three short stories I wrote a  few years ago. The sales performance of this first ebook was hardly spectacular. But it took less than a day to write, format and then submit. It was also just an experiment. So taking all into account, it wasn’t bad. I made a couple of hundred quid. In this post I want take a real no-hoper and do some sales analysis.

A year after I published the first ebook I thought I would have another go using a related story using the same theme. The idea was to try and boost both stories by getting them to trade in off each other. But the performance of this second ebook was even worse than the first. I suspect its performance resembles many ebooks that get put up on Amazon.


The statistics for this second ebook are a closer match to the general age related decline of ebook sales than the first one was.

From an earlier post (Here), the proportion of all Amazon ebook sales compared to their age since release looks like this.

The decline in sales as an ebook ages

Now the (very mediocre) sales for this second ebook look like this

ebook sales graph

Even with Freebies the Sales Analysis is Dire

Even with two freebie sessions it wasn’t up to much.

ebook sales graph including free copies

Notice that the two freebie session that were run here were on the first day and on the day that formed the first peak in graph 2 (and also the first trough in graph 1). So it would appear that this second freebie simply hollowed out sales for that day.

Either way by the end of one year I think it is clear from this basic sales analysis that this Kindle short story was dead, assuming it was ever alive in the first place! So with this low performing ebook  it didn’t even take a year for us to figure out it was a lemon.

So what should I do with this and its (moderately) better performing, though now equally dead friend? That’s going to be another post.

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