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Who Is Chalkie?

I am just another guy with a modicum on knowledge on a number of subjects that interest me. As I’m forgetful I try and write stuff down. Rather than let these fixes/gotcha’s and other sundry information gather dust on my hard drive I thought I’d put it up on a blog. Just in case anyone else might find it useful too.

So here you’ll find a wide range of stuff covering everything from using Ubuntu to drive a 3D printer, to data on self publishing, to the tensions on guitar strings.

I have a penchant for analyzing data. Originally I aimed this blog at analyzing self-publishing data. Nobody seems to be addressing the low end of the market so I thought I would have a go and do some analysis on those books (the vast majority) that have few sales. It’s a couple of years old now but hopefully still worthwhile.

Anyway. There it is. I hope you find something of value here, and good luck with your own writing/publishing/3D printing/coding or whatever..

Below is a place for all the usual legalese…… Unless you like legalese this may put you to sleep.


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I hope that just about clears up any privacy issues!