Chalk Ridge Publications: Self Publishing Data and Experiences

Chalk Ridge Publications. A grand title!

This is the musings and experiences of an amateur publisher/writer/coder/webdesigner along with some stuff from his friends. The contributors come and go as time goes on. I tend to be the sucker who has to get it all in order and at times I am here all a-loney. I do insist on regular quantities of beer for my efforts. Which is grudgingly granted.

The site is divided into a number of areas. The menu will take you to most of it but failing that the “categories” tag in the right hand column will navigate you posts specific to these areas.

The essence of this blog is to provide some amateur insights into the world of self publishing and provide a space for various personal howto’s gotcha’s and short-cuts on Linux and WordPress useage.

There is no associated premium site. No ebook or instruction manual. No on-line course or paid-for lessons. What you see is what you get. I hope it is useful but it carries no guarantees. If you like it then you can reward me and my friends by clicking on an advert or two. But that is up to you.

There is a fair amount of data here so you can gauge such aspects as how many books/ebooks you may need to sell to gain a certain ranking in Amazon and elsewhere. Or what a typical sales graph looks like for a novella. There is also a lot of relevant opinion on publishing matters too.

So today, the main categories on this site are:

The menu items give better resolution on the sub-topics within these categories. Wherever possible I provide examples and verifiable data.

Self publishing is FUN! As long as you don’t take the whole thing too seriously.

After all, a new ebook gets published (literally!) every 2 minutes. That is about 400,000 a year. Amazon has reputedly 7.5 million ebooks sitting on its hard drives ready to download.

Which all means there is a stupendous amount of competition out there.

But whatever the competition, if you don’t try then you are guaranteed to fail.

So have a go! But make sure it stays fun.