Publishing Novellas and Short Stories

The publishing of Novellas and short stories climbed dramatically at the start of the eBook revolution in the early 2010’s. But it has now fallen back markedly. So today, are Novellas and short stories worth the bother? Do they sell? Can they sell? Here’s some thoughts.

Many have declared that publishing Novellas is a dead loss. I disagree. But don’t expect to retire on the royalties.

Novella Sales are NOT Dead!

I used some personal data relating to a short-story I published back in 2013 to get an idea of how long the thing would last before dying. I expect this reflects the fate most Novellas and/or stand alone short stories.

Lifespan of a Short Story eBook.

So then, I asked what happens if after publishing the Novella or short story it simply doesn’t sell in the first place? What happens then? Here’s some more figures from a less successful short story that I suspect reflects the reality in many cases.

Sales Analysis: A Poor Selling Short Story

Finally what happens when the short story stops selling altogether. What should be done with it then?

Zombie Novellas