WordPress and Website Fixes Backups and Cloning

Here are a number WordPress and website fixes, tips and tricks I’ve picked up. They are here because I keep forgetting them either wholly or partially.

Updating Failed: Not a Valid JSON response Nightmare

This post is actually the latest but is based on stuff I discovered in the one below it. This post gives a work-round (or kludge) to get the post to save from Gutenberg when the server vetos the update on the grounds it may be a hacking attempt.

Avoiding JSON Error with Gutenberg Block Editor

I wrote a post and it just would not save. I have as of yet not got to the complete bottom of this but this is what I have found so far and I have a partial work-round which may help anyone else in the same situation.

Updating Failed: Not a Valid JSON response


I don’t use one.com as a web-host anymore but when I did this is what I did to back up my site to my local machine.

Backing up a One.com WordPress site

I did the same howto but this time for a Hostpapa.co.uk site. It’s here:

Creating a local Backup of a Hostpapa WordPress site

I always keep a clone of my sites on my hard drive. I then run them locally using these WordPress and website fixes to debug and test. This is a post on how I solved an issue where all local posts were returning 404 Not Found:

Local WordPress Install: Posts return 404?

I suffered this all over again four years later along with a confusing JSON message from the Block Editor this is what I did to fix it this time.

Permalink 404’s & Response is not a valid JSON response

Google Analytics/Maintenance/Security

I had a problem where one of my favourite plugins (Wordfence) was flagging a false security issue with a XSS Cross Scripting Error. Here is how I fixed it.

Wordfence XSS Cross Scripting Error for Admin: Fix

You can use no-end of plugins to fit up Google Analytics to a WordPress site. But I prefer to do it manually. Here’s how.

WordPress: Adding Google Analytics Without a Plugin

I couldn’t get one of my sites to verify properly on Google Webmasters. It drove me nuts. Especially as I have solved the exact same problem for two other sites a few months earlier. I had totally forgotten what the fix was. That’s why this time I have written it down here!

My Domain Property Wouldn’t Verify in Google Webmasters. Here’s Why.

The other day I came across one of my sites displaying a very attractive image and declaring it was in maintenance mode. It failed to come out of maintenance mode on it’s own and this is how I fixed it.

Locked in Maintenance Mode? Getting a WordPress Site Back Up.

Once I had a problem in Google Webmasters with lots of soft 404 errors. Here’s how I fixed it.

Problems with Soft 404 Errors?

I use Yoast. It is a really great SEO plugin. But I had some trouble setting up breadcrumbs. Here’s what I did

Where To Put Yoast Breadcrumbs Code