Publishing Tricks, Tips and Salty Tales.

Among the publishing tricks I would love to pull would be to find a way that allows self publishers to get by without being reliant Amazon KDP. Amazon holds a huge slice of the book publishing market and is generally regarded as unassailable. Yet (as the saying goes) “The Bigger they are the harder they fall.”

So I’m interested in avenues that bypass Amazon. I’ve used them for years but have often felt irritated on the level of control they have over what I publish especially with their remote and take-it-or-leave it attitude.

So here’s the first shot. A way you can get your work onto a Kindle without having to directly publish it first using Amazon KDP.

Bypassing Amazon but still published on Kindle? Simple! Here’s How.

Recently I had to review a set of PDF documents. I wanted to know the total word count. But all the free (yes – I’m tight) PDF readers did not give you a word count. I figured out a trivially simple way of getting the count and wrote it up here so I don’t forget next time.

Need a PDF document word count? Here’s a simple approximation.

Finally no blog about publishing tricks could ever be complete with a tale of poetry, carnal lust and personal success. Believe it or not this salty tale is (mostly) true!

Poetry, Sex and Success.