Publishing Paperbacks either with or without eBooks

Publishing paperbacks today is as easy as publishing eBooks. Just as selling them is equally as hard.

So should you be publishing paperbacks? eBooks? Or both? Especially if the market you are addressing is a niche one. Here’s some thought of mine on the subject.

Niche Non-Fiction: Ebook or Paperback?

How to go about buying an ISBN in the UK is the subject of this post. The reason why you should buy ten rather than one is explained.

Buying an ISBN in the UK

By law when you publish a book in the UK you must deposit copies with the British Library (five in fact). Here’s how it works and what you have to do.

Legal Deposit: What to do

So what should you expect from publishing a niche non-fiction book? What is a realistic sales level? Using some personal data I have a look at what is a realistic scenario for most cases.

Niche Non-Fiction Paperback Sales