Publishing: Relationship of Sales Rank Data to Actual Sales.

So do you want to know how sales rank data on Amazon ties in with actual sales? If so then these are a set of posts for you.

First I looked at USA Sales Rank Data.

“eBook Sales Rank in the USA”.

But this did not give the whole story. There is the Long Tail. This is where most eBooks live where sales are a few a month or even a few a year. I looked at monthly sales on the trailing tail right down to sales ranks around 2 million. That’s here in this Post

“EBooks: The Long Tail Sales Rank in USA”

That’s fine for the USA. But I live in the UK which is one of the top three eBook Markets. So I repeated the exercise but only for the UK sales rank data. The first post on the UK eBook market is in this post:

“eBook Sales Rank for the UK”

Like the USA most eBooks sit on the long trailing sales tale and sell relatively few books per month. But how few? Here’s the post on the long tail in the UK.

“eBook Sales Rank (UK) The Long Tail”

So how do the USA and UK markets compare? What difference is there between the USA sale rank and the UK sales rank for a given number of monthly sales? I address that in this post.

“eBook Sales USA versus UK”

But sales (both in the USA and the UK) are driven by ratings. Those ratings are and always have been a bone of serious contention for authors. Arbitrary and malicious reviews can destroy a book. A book that may easily represent a years hard work (or more) can crash on take off if it attracts the wrong type of reviewer. I rage about it in this post below.

The Tyranny of Amazon Ratings.

As time goes on these posts will need updating. Currently they are a couple of years old and are still relevant. But watch this space for updates.