Finding my WattsApp Videos and Images

I often want to save videos and images from WattsApp to my PC. Yet finding my WattsApp Videos and images always seems a problem. I can never seem to locate the damn things on the phone.

The answer is trivially simple, but as I keep forgetting it, it is obviously forgettable. Consequently I’ve written it down as a bulleted list so my inadequate brain can actually cope with doing it without enduring heaps of pain and suffering.

My Moto G10 is running Android 11. But I’d think this will be much the same for any phone. This is aimed at transferring the files to a PC running Ubuntu 20.04. But (obviously) just about any version of Linux, especially with a Ubuntu or Debian based operating system will be virtually identical. I would imagine that a Windows or Mac based PC would be pretty much the same as well.


Here’s How.
  • Connect PC to Phone using USB cable.
    For me I usually get an empty window as the phone only connects for charging not data transfer. So go into Settings on the phone, select “connected devices”, tap the USB entry and change it to “file transfer” in the presented bullet list.
  • Close any windows on the PC that have auto-opened
    Mine always show no access at this point.
  • Then from the “Places” list in the main Ubuntu menu select whatever your phone is.
    You should get another window but this time it will have a directory for internal storage.
  • Click on this.
    And then select “Android”
  • From here select “Media”.
  • From here select “com.whatapp”.
  • Now select the Videos folder or the Images folder
    As is your want.
  • Select the image(s) or video(s) you are interested in.
    Drag/drop (or whatever) the images/videos from the phone folder to your PC

And That’s it!! So hopefully finding my WattsApp Videos and Images won’t be such a pain from now on.

The rest of (my rather sparse) list of Android phone How-tos is Here

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