eBook Sales USA versus UK

Just to wrap up the last set of a short series of blog posts on how many ebook sales you can expect from a specified sales rank, I thought I would just compare the pluses and minuses of  sales rank performance in the USA and UK. The series started On This Link

We know that by far the biggest market for ebooks is the USA. Below is the relative quantity of ebook sales by Amazon in 2017 by English speaking region. Bear in mind Germany is a bigger market than the UK.  Japan is nearly as big. There will be more on these two markets in a later post.


Graph Relative ebook sales by English speaking country

In fact the big ebook publishers in the USA made five ebook sales for every one ebook sale in the UK.

The relative sizes of the USA and UK markets have interesting consequences for ebook sales ranking. In essence it would appear to be far easier to get on a best seller list in the UK than in the USA. But the consequence of this is that for a given sales rank you will be selling far less copies in the UK than on Amazon USA.

So there you go. Selling in the UK market has its good and bad points.

It is good because you get a higher sales ranking and so greater visibility in the UK.

But remember that visibility is to a smaller market.

UK ebook Sales: A marketing Pitch for the USA?

Still, it would be a great marketing pitch for an author selling into the UK market to give their UK ranking in the USA ebook promotional blurb. Even if you do not feature in the USA best sellers list you can gain some promotion from the UK list.

You know something like:

# 15 Best Seller in the the UK!  Three weeks running! (or whatever)

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