Who am I? Well, first of all, I’m no best selling author or any other form of literary genius.

What is true is that I like crunching numbers and I find the ebook arena very interesting.

What I hope to put into the mix is some personal and independent analysis of ebook data. There are no pop ups, no magic promotional tools, just my posts and a couple of adverts which you may click or avoid as is your wish.

I also get driven by quashing illusions. Especially when those illusions are used to rip people off.  Many really nice people get hooked by multitudinous ebook “millionaire” scams. While everyone should have a dream, I hope to inject a little bit of realism.

Most of the data I use is publicly available on the internet. There are also a number of sites that I think provide fantastic resources.  I’ll include these in the “Sites I like” section. These sites have absolutely no relation to me. As far as I know they are not run by by Axe murderers, though I could be wrong. So WSIWYG. I also use some of my own data.

I have published stuff in the past – way back in 2012 when the ebook world was in the stone age. I had a modicum of accidental success with one and a number of duds. By success I mean I made a few hundred pounds for mainly short stories and novellas.

Although these publications are now somewhat down the line I believe the statistics associated with these old stories can still yield some useful insights into the life and death of ebooks. Don’t worry – I won’t be promoting them or ramming them down your throat!

I hope you find stuff here of value. Comments will always be appreciated and I don’t mind if you include a link to your latest creation (no porn!) but please keep the comment (mostly) on the post topic.

Kind Regards