The Rebuilding of Chalk Ridge Publications


The existing Chalk Ridge Publications posts are mainly concerned with the reality of publishing on Kindle. They are still relevant and I hope you may find them useful. They are available from the drop downs in the menu above.

This site has been in the Doldrums for  a year or so. A poor web-host with an overloaded server gave dismal access. Like so many other bloggers stuck with a sub-optimal host and 10 second load times I lost faith.

Hopefully this has now been fixed (at least it seems better so far!).

So Chalk Ridge Publications is going to be resurrected in the near future with an array of new posts on all things publishing.

This site is mainly aimed at the small self publisher. Chalk Ridge Publications intends to provide useful information on what to expect from self publishing and will be a vehicle for what I have learned over the last seven years since I published my first short story on Kindle.

I will also include some stuff on on-line publishing via WordPress which will be basically based on the pits and falls I have endured along the way.

The site is getting a full revamp so initially the theme (i.e. how it looks) will possibly change at a moments notice.

Hope to see y’all again soon.

Kind regards