Amazon Sales Rank (USA) Long Tail

In the last post (Here) I tried to graphically present how many ebook sales per month you could roughly expect for a particular sales ranking on Amazon. This was fine for those shifting 1000’s a month. For those with a sales rank under 10,000 it was useless. The resolution on the graph was simply not up to displaying the highs as well as the lows. The long tail of Amazon sales just blurred into the x-axis

So here is the long tail or sales rank in excess of 10,000.

The long tail of Amazon ebook sales

You can see the very rapid rate of sale decline with increasing sales rank. It is easier to get a gauge on this by using a logarithmic scale on the x axis (Sales Rank)


The long tail of Amazon ebook sales logarithmic

The (even longer) Long Tail

Again we lose resolution for those on a sale rank higher than about 100,000. So here is the even longer tail.

The even longer tale on Amazon ebook sales


What this tells us is that to sell one ebook a day you need a sale rank of around about 125,000.

If you have a sales rank of 1,000,000 then you will be selling about 30 ebooks a year. If the sale rank is 2,000,000 then you will be at the end of the long tail. You will be selling around 15 ebooks a year.

Bear in mind that at these very low sales it is highly likely that a couple of sales will massively shift that sales rank for a short period of time. So these estimates are very much for sales figures over a long time – like a year.

There are over 5 million ebooks on Amazon. So it would militate that over a year a large number of these ebooks, (maybe half or more) are selling virtually no copies at all.

This of course, only applies to Ebook sales at are approximately one fifth of those at As you can imagine this significantly changes the number of books you can expect to sell for a given (UK) sales rank. See my next post for some more graphs. This time relating to UK ebook sales.

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