Garmin Connect: How to Unhide a Missing statistic

So you’ve accidently or somehow lost (say) the floors climbed statistic or the calorie count statistic or the steps count statistic from the main screen (or “My Day”) on your Garmin Connect app on your Android phone.

For those who don’t know the Garmin Connect Android App displays the data collected by a Garmin VivoActive watch like this one. The watches are great. Though Garmin could spend a little more time documenting stuff like this here.

Getting the display of statistical data back on the Garmin Connect App is simple once you know how. Sadly the “knowing how” is the painful part . I still bear the emotional scars.


So here it is – and what causes it. This may/may not be comprehensive but this is what I did.

First – what causes it.

When you want to dispose of the Garmin Connect App on your Android phone you (as normal) sweep to the right. BUT if you sweep too slowly instead of the closing the app it assumes you want to remove whatever statistic is displayed that you just swept over from the main screen. It comes up with a selection box like this.

Notice Floors “Always Hide” & “Undo”

But it doesn’t hang around for you to procrastinate over it. If you don’t select “Undo” within a few seconds then the particular statistic is removed by default. Never to be seen again. Until you restore it.

But it appears that Garmin think that providing information on how to restore hidden statistics is either unnecessary, intrinsically obvious or perhaps forms some state secret that should never be divulged to the plebs using their products.

So here’s how I restored my missing floor count statistic after accidentally removing it.

The Fix

Simply scroll down the main screen – right to the bottom. There you will find a a button “Edit My Day”. Tap it.

Tap the “Edit My Day” button at the bottom

Your missing statistic should be at the bottom languishing under “Hidden Cards” BUT it may not be. (more in a minute)

If it is in “Hidden Cards” Tap the little plus sign next to it and it will get added to the active cards above it. Then to put it where you want in the order of displayed statistics, tap and hold over the three lines on the right and drag the statistic to the position your want.

Job Done – unless…..

It’s not in Hidden Cards!

“Edit My Day” display. Tap the minuses to remove, pluses to add.

But what if the statistic that is missing is NOT under “Hidden Cards”?

And it is still listed in the active card section? This happened to me.

What you have to do is tap the minus sign on the left of the statistic so it is (officially) removed. It should now really be listed in the “Hidden Cards” section. So now tap the little plus sign and position the statistic as above.

I hope that helps. This drove me mad! All because there is nothing (that I found anyway) on the Garmin site or elsewhere about this.

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