CR Touch: Ender 3 Processor issues

I received a comment on an earlier post on this subject (here) by Matt who has an Ender 3 1.1.5 Silent motherboard. It appears that this board is incompatible with the (relatively) new CR Touch self leveling system. I’ll go more into processor identification below but this is what I’ve gleaned about the CR Touch self leveling kit. I hasten to add this is just what I’ve found out. I believe it is correct but I don’t have a CR Touch system myself.

The reason for Matts incompatibility is that it looks like the CR Touch is only compatible with 32 bit processor boards NOT 8 bit boards on the Ender 3. Most adverts for the CR Touch make this unclear or bury it in the small print. That’s if they mention it at all!. So people could easily spend the money and end up with something that simply won’t work with their system.

Here on the left is an Amazon advert that actually DOES clearly state that you need a 32 bit board. There are many other advertisers (for exactly the same kit) that leave this very salient fact out. Or at least obscure it.


If you have an 8 bit Ender 3 system and (like me) are happy with it as-is yet you want a self leveling kit then there is this earlier BL Touch kit also from Amazon (Here). Personally I still struggle along with a Mark One eyeball and a piece of paper (more in another post!). But I can appreciate that many would rather short cut the nausea associated with leveling the bed, spend a few Dollars and buy the kit.

Anyway. More on processor issues and identification

I’ve done two other posts on this subject here and here. So this is really just further explanation on what they already say. But here’s some more images and explanation. Basically if you are unhappy relying on the USB connector type as the identifier then you will need to open up the Ender 3 processor box. It’s only three screws. Then carefully lift off the cover (watch you don’t snag the fan) and have a look.

At the bottom of the street cred pile for an Ender 3 is the old 1.1.4 Atmel 8 bit processor board (like mine). Here she is in all her glory. Next is a close-up of the processor. The USB connector is a mini USB.

TCMUK still sell the 8 bit “Silent” board for the Ender 3

Then there is the 8 bit 1.1.5 “Silent” Atmel board. From this site I took this screenshot of the USB connector on the left. So it looks very much like the 8 bit 1.1.5 board also has a mini USB connector. Just like the earlier 1.1.4 board.

To directly address Matts issue regarding 8/32 status of a 1.1.5 board there is this Amazon advert that, though rather poorly worded, advertises an upgrade to a 32 bit board from the 8 bit “Silent board”. with pictures of both.

(As of the 27th Nov 22 the above advert is “out of stock” It looks like actually getting hold of a 1.1.5 board anywhere else as well is no longer possible. If for some reason you wanted one then I think you will be out of luck. So, in my humble opinion the best solution is to go straight to a v4.2.7 board like this one on Amazon. Looks like they are also about half the price the old 1.1.5 boards used to be too!)

Notice the difference between the two boards in the second image down in Amazon page. Although you can’t see it properly, (on the right hand side of each) notice the USB connector and the different foot-print. I.e I’d suggest that the 8 bit 1.1.5 board has a mini USB. While the 32 bit board has a micro USB.

If you are keen to utilize the CR Touch system (and I hear it is very good!) then it looks like you will need to upgrade to a 32 bit board like this one on Amazon. That’s if you haven’t done so already.

Hope that helps.


0 thoughts on “CR Touch: Ender 3 Processor issues

    • Really sorry about the delay getting back Pat. BUT!! I’ve been on holiday! (Really!) A week in Tenerife. First since Covid. I literally just got in. So I hope you forgive me.
      So this reply is just hammered in & is a bit rambling. Sorry.
      The first Amazon ad ( portrait ad left hand side) links to the CR kit for a 32 bit board.
      The second ( text link: “earlier BL Touch kit also from Amazon (Here)”) [I think] it links to a self levelling kit for an 8 bit board. Though you’ve got me worried now.
      It’s called “Jarhit 3D Upgraded BLContact Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Kit” So its not the later CR kit. The reference to BL would indicate (to me at least) thats its a BL clone. i.e. 8 bit compatible.
      I’ll have another look through the product and try and confirm it.
      Maybe though you are highlighting the third advert which originally (honest!) had both the 8 bit and the 32 bit boards featured. Though just looking at it now – it looks like there only the 32 bit board there. I assume they must have modified the advert underneath my feet. As it is featured really only to visually highlight the differences between the boards I’ll update the post in the next couple of days.
      Got to unpack first!

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